IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have not completed Step 1 (Creating Your Agent File), please reach out to your upline for a link to do so before moving into Step 2 (Requesting ACA Contracts).

SAVE THIS PAGE just incase you need to come back and add contracts in the future and/or check for contracting assistance and instructions.

STEP 2: Request Your ACA Contracts
Welcome to the team!  The partners and trainers at Life Professionals are committed to providing you the very best training and support structure to help you succeed.  Your commitment and effort are just as important.  If you need assistance during the ACA Onboarding Process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please read ALL instructions on this page.  Certifications are required BEFORE contracts will be processed and you are issued a writing number from the carriers.

Helpful Tip:  Once you have completed your contracting requests, please call each carrier to be sure that you have completed all information properly and are only waiting for your writing approval.

You are now ready to request your ACA contracts with the carriers and instructions listed below:


Carrier Name Contracting Instructions


All Carriers


Note: Oscar is a Just In Time carrier which means an agent must submit business to finalize their appointment.

Please visit the following page to request contracts:

ACA Carrier Contracting Request

VERY IMPORTANT:  DO NOT use your existing SureLC account or your alignment will not be correct.  You will need to create a new SureLC account for ACA specific contracts.

CLICK HERE For Detailed ACA Onboarding Instructions

When requesting your ACA contracting, please DO NOT request additional contracts (ie. Dental, Medicare, Life) under the link provided.  Should you need contracts that fall outside of ACA, please contact your upline for the appropriate instructions.

Carrier Offerings Map

Select the red dot on your writing state to view carrier offerings.

Note: Aetna and BCBS Regional Carriers are offered by invite only.  If these carriers are in your local market, please reach out to your upline to discuss contracting.

Map Coming Soon!


What Do I Do After Submitting My Contracting Requests?

By this time, you’ve requested your contracts through the links and details provided in the “Request your ACA Contracts” section above.  If you haven’t completed that part, please do so before moving forward.

Here are some helpful tips to follow to make sure the contracting process runs as smoothly as possible for you:

  • Be on the lookout for emails from the carriers you requested contracting for.  Some carriers will require you to click on links within the emails to proceed with contracting.  Make sure to check your spam folder for carrier emails as they are notorious for going there.  
  • ACA Hierarchy changes are not permitted without a release from your previous upline.  There is no notice of intent process available.  
  • Complete all carrier specific certifications for each carrier that you are contracting with.
  • CALL & CONFRIM (carrier contacts listed below) with each carrier that you have completed all steps necessary to move you into “READY TO SELL” status.  You will receive a “ready to sell” letter or email from the carrier once you have completed all carrier requests and certifications and the carrier has processed your contracting request.

    Agent Connect & Resources
    •  Download the ZOHO CLIQ app on your mobile phone or tablet (App Store / Google Play) and let us know what email you use.  We will add you to the Medicare group where you will get lots of live support, important news and real time conversations with trainers and producers in the field discussing all things Medicare.


    • (Optional) Request CRM Access via our CRM REQUEST FORM   – a great tool for agents wanting to keep track of their business.


    Contacts (Training & General Onboarding)


    Feel free to call any of us and we will be glad to assist you. Here are the contact numbers for our team: 

    Chad Davis, Business Development 


    Phone: (606) 585-2587


    For ACA Contracting & General Onboarding Questions


    Contacts (Carrier)


    Carrier Website Member Services Broker Support
    Friday Health 844-451-4444 844-270-7075
    AvMed 800-477-8768 800-461-2950
    BCBS TX 888-697-0683 800-366-4236
    Oscar Health 855-672-2788 855-672-2788
    Ambetter 877-687-7796 855-700-7985
    Molina 888-560-2025 855-885-3179
    Bright Healthcare 855-827-4448 888-325-1747
    United Healthcare 800-657-8205 800-474-4467
    Cigna 800-997-1654 877-244-4467
    Humana 877-877-1051 800-309-3163
    SDS 833-873-6589 469-635-6787
    Ameritas 800-300-9566 888-336-7601
    IHC 800-920-7125
    Heartland 888-616-0015 844-502-6780
    GTL 800-338-7452 800-323-6907

    Every agent receives a statement for each carrier they write. All statements are located at

    The company ID is messer. Username is first initial of first name, first initial of last name, and last 4 of social. Password is last 6 of social.