The “Extras” That Your Clients Want And Need

Why Sell Ancillary Plans?

As a life and health insurance broker, it is vitally important to find ways to not only serve your clients’ needs more completely, but also to increase your income streams for a solid long term business structure.  Diversifying with ancillary products is a great way to add to your book of business and improve client satisfaction simultaneously.

Here are three key ways this type of plan can benefit you and your clientele:

  • They fill in coverage gaps. Many low-to-mid income customers who are above the threshold for LIS (extra help) or Medicaid find that they have potential risk for copays in the event of inpatient hospital stays if they have Medicare Advantage. With easy underwriting and reasonable premiums, Hospital Indemnity plans can help protect beneficiaries from those costs while avoiding the high premiums and strict underwriting demands of a Medigap policy. Other plan types such as Cancer, Accident, Dental, Vision and Hearing can all address higher cost or extra coverage areas of need. 

  • Increased client retention. Whenever it makes sense to enroll someone into ancillary policies, you are immediately increasing persistency within the home. Statistically speaking, the percentage of clients retained after five years goes from 35% with one product to 56% with two products and an incredible 92% with three or more products!

  • Extra income with little to no extra service. Some of the great things about ancillary policies from an agent’s perspective is that they are easy to offer, easy to enroll and don’t need much, if any, follow up work. They are a great “write it and let it be” option. Benefits are locked in for life and unless they want to switch to a newer plan, there isn’t much need for revisiting the plan with the client. For you as an agent, it means a little extra cash on the side as well. 6 HIP plans per month is an extra $20,000 in additional commission. That is a very easy number to reach for a full time agent who includes these plans in every presentation. 


Ancillary products are a great addition to your sales portfolio and serve your clients’ needs in a variety of circumstances. If you’d like to learn more details on adding this line of products to your presentations, contact us today!

Do you want to boost your earning potential by selling ancillary products? Contact a Life Professionals Specialist to get started.


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